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Imanya Alam
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Above are a bunch of words I seem to use a lot in my writing. (Among others) v.v

I've never been very good at talking about myself. But, what I can say is that everyone of us is constantly changing, growing, and learning. And so, I am as well, and the best way to get to know someone is talking to them I believe. That, or you could read all the things I've written, the things I've drawn, and maybe a few embarrassing journals as well. (If they stay up long enough that is. :lol:)

I also have a very bad and very annoying habit of embarrassing myself at almost every opportunity. ^^; :ashamed: :lol:

If you've ever favourited one of my deviations, thank you ever so much. :love: It's truly appreciated. I used to thank everyone for each one but I haven't really been able to keep up with it, so here's my solution (though, if you receive a llama badge from me, it's probably as a thank you for a favourite). Also, if I end up watching you or favouriting something of yours, it's not just in return, but because I think it's worthwhile. :heart:

Here are some people you should definitely go check out. :heart: (In no particular order)

:iconrovanna: :icondreamfutureais: :icontirasunil: :iconblakecurran: :iconrin95: :iconhypermagical: :iconpeaseblossoms: :iconkhaimin:
:iconsycamoresea: :iconivanradev: :icontoffeesmile: :iconluminescent0513: :iconcreativelycliche: :iconinnoctemn: :iconstarlightcomet: :iconmatieucanadawilliams:

Songs I've been listening to recently (Updated: 12/11/15):

Au5 - Guardians (feat. Fiora)

Undertale OST: If you're thinking of playing the game, I would highly recommend that you do not listen to these beforehand.

Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything
Battle Against a True Hero

Waters of Megalovania :heart:

Some features that made me ridiculously happy. (Thank you so very much to those of you who have included my work in journal features every now and then. :love:)


CrossroadsShe's at a crossroad again.
If she recalled correctly, then this was the fourth time in her entire life. She tentatively places a foot forward, on to the cool glass. Decisions were never my strong point, she thinks. Knowing that this could take anywhere between an hour to a few days, she takes off the bulky coat, spreading it out before taking a seat in the middle of the cross-section. There weren't going to be any passers-by after all.
Wait. I've...I've never looked back.
The thought crosses her mind for less than a second, but it clutches onto the messy vines inside her head and before she can stop herself, she's turning her head around looking over her shoulder and gazing into the mist-filled street. It's murky, grey, dark, and filled with heavy rain.
Why have I never looked back?
She doesn't know if that's really a question, or if it's something she's asking herself, but she definitely finds the confusion that comes with the thought loathsome, at best. Deciding


Definite.There's no control in her movements.
It's the suggestion.
An illusory

she thinks,
from the seams of wards
around her words
a secretive glance
sent to fly
up and high
on feathers
dancing in their frailty
as they land in her hair.
Shards-her heart was attached to a string,
being tugged along day-by-day and
she thought that maybe, it's been
passed one too many times and
by the fires of every hand that's
touched the other end, even the
smallest whispers of a brush
have left the tips of her eyelashes
and the string's lying abandoned
again, in the open space that she
might as well have been blind to
there's only so many senses she
can use before they're exhausted
only so many currents of emotion
she can allow herself to drown in
before her heart and it's shell are
in shreds
hanging like glass shards-

train problems and solutionsProblem one.
You're nowhere near your room.
Problem two.
The girl next to you is incessant in her chatter of 'Oh my god, so like-'.
You quickly drown this out, and fish around the various objects in your purse for your headphones, hoping that you didn't leave them on your desk this morning.
You feel an urge to roll your eyes and sink further into your seat in the corner, forcing enough control on yourself to not slap her silly.
You were cranky.
Problem three.
You're pretty sure that guy in the corner was staring at you a moment ago. To make matters worse, it was through your reflection on the window next to you.
This became horribly apparent when you saw him repeating the motions when you reached the beginning of the tunnel, the sound of your music being drowned out by the noise of the train.
You picture yourself shooing him away, finding the glances all too uncomfortable.
A little creepy too.
Problem four.
There were no other problems, but you were hoping t
Driven by DesolationThe... being stands with its back to her, and she can feel a slight breeze coming from what she knew to be the puzzle pieces it was made from. They moved, rotating every now and then, while maintaining their human like figure, and the pieces showed their various shades of black. As if telling her that this shouldn't be possible. That this thing shouldn't be possible.
But she takes its hand anyway.
The figure doesn't reply, and she doesn't see it, but she knows it turned its head, looking over her shoulder and to the ground in the distance.
"Was all this, really worth it."
There's pain forming in her throat, and somewhere near her heart, because of the implication.
"I...don't know."
"Is this all, because of you?" The puzzle pieces of what looked to be a shadow like arm gestured to the burning city around them, flames searing up towards the dark sky.
She's frightened, because she doesn't know. She isn't sure, and she can't remember.
"I..." Her voice breaks, and she t
I'm currently in a 'I can't speak or respond properly, or form appropriate words at the moment, so I'm going to leave replying to things for a bit' phase. :dummy:

So. Yup. Pretty much what the title says. I'm just going to dump a few of my absolute favourite clips here. This game. This game has ruined me.


I guess this might be a good place to be if you're feeling down and you're a fan of the game?

I am so, so sorry.


*possible spoilers*

-the first one, despite the title, is not a spoiler, and an actual part of the game.

And here's a bunch of other stuff that made me feel things. :iconlazycryplz:

There are definitely spoilers here.

I actually do obsess over certain things I really like, I just don't talk about them usually. :lol:

*cue unearthly sounds induced by the following things*

  Best Friends by Okonominazi [UNDERTALE] Mom Jokes by PatientNo7 happy family doodles [mild undertale spoilers] by Okonominazi Undertale: Too chill by CaptainCloveyWUNDERtale by Piranhartist 

Mature Content

[UNDERTALE SPOILERS...?] The most precious attack by zarla
The rare and elusive happy Sans by zarlaUndertale Halloween (pacifist ending spoiler) by Mckodem Handmade Gift by Chaosreign Chara pls by longestdistance My brother isn't dangerous by zarla And make sure to eat your vegetables by zarla
    Nice Cream [mild Undertale spoilers] by Okonominazi Undertale: Just a Rock by Shinycakes[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] Is this bravery by zarla [Undertale] the hotdog thing by inside-under I love you even when you hate yourself by zarla Papyrus Caught a Human by DragonWhisperer15 THE HUGS COMPEL YOU by zarla Undertale | Timeswap AU by PikaIsCool[MILD SPOILERS] You're both in BIG trouble by zarla

       [Undertale] Hugging Papyrus by XxEndlessAbyssxX [Undertale] Hugging Sans by XxEndlessAbyssxX
    [Undertale] Hugging Toriel by XxEndlessAbyssxX [Undertale] Hope by XxEndlessAbyssxX
    Thank you by SparkyBytes baby bones by zarla [Undertale] Sketch Dump by XxEndlessAbyssxX
        Undertale - Bedtime Stories by octone-berri   Golden Siblings by PrincessHarumi
    Family by RoadkillFox Then and Now by chaoticshero

sans getting a pet cat tho
sans and frisk cuddling gives me life
everyone else fought me i just expected
bonetrousle - papyrus disaster

                        Danisnotonfire: FEELS
                                                                  Danisnotonfire: FEELS
          Danisnotonfire: FEELS                                             

                                             Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
  • Listening to: Au5 - Guardians (feat. Fiora)
Before I say anything else! I will definitely be replying to comments, and responding soon, I've just been wanting to write this little journal since two days ago after finishing Undertale. I've been doing too much internal fangirling over this game to shut up for now. :dummy:

So, anyone played the game or thinking of playing it?

If you haven't played Undertale [Page Link] [Steam Link], and have even the slightest interest, please do so, because it's absolutely amazing. :heart:

(I'd suggest doing the pacifist route first (i.e. don't use the Fight option. Ever.) I mean, come on, what kind of heart do you have if you go down the genocide route? :saddummy: ...Unless you draw a very clear line between fiction and reality, in which case, I guess it wouldn't matter. :XD:)

I just -gaaah! I really love the humour in this game. Even if it is stupid at times. :lol: And the story, above all else. :eager:

I normally don't like talking about things I like either, which is why most of my conversations involving my interests are so painfully awkward. :XD: I thought this was a good a place as any to start sharing. :dummy:


If by any chance, you're reading this because I updated the journal, I took away the bit of writing which made up the initial edit. Instead I'll just leave a link to something you might find useful if you decide to play the game, or have already played it and want to try the other routes without the previous run affecting the current one; which is especially true if you do genocide first and then pacifist. The genocide run permanently ruins your game, so you can't get the true pacifist ending, unless you alter the game.

Here's the save manager I used for backups (since it doesn't seem to be widely known for some reason?) which can also serve as a tool if you want to try the other routes without influences from other runs.

I couldn't bring myself to try the genocide route myself, so I ended up watching it instead. It gives you a lot of insight into the game, as well as all the videos of secrets people keep finding. At the cost of making you feel like complete trash that is.

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