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Here are some people you should definitely go check out for both their talent and lovely personalities. :heart:


I'm sure I've forgotten some. :<

Featured/Favourite at the moment~

Dystopian Utopiatell me dear,
have you ever fallen in love with a ghost?
trying to force yourself to feel was like
forcing a sundial off its axis,
shattering time was no easy feat
just like the moment you held his
glue-like affection at arms length,
and in a few moments alone
you saw a flicker in your eyes
that you'd never seen before
(there wasn't enough room
 for both fear and love)
so it was when you had reached
a crossroad so long ago
that you spared a glance back
and realised that the tape
you'd swung across
both your wrists
had torn along the way
(and you knew, that
 it had always
 belonged to the wind)
and every other week in between-there's nothing worse than being stuck between
 wanting to d   r     i                  f       t
 and, to keep the soles of your shoes sewn tightly
 to the brittle ground, waiting for the day
 when the weeds will burst through and
 break your hold anyway
                                     (because at the end of today
                       you'll find yourself sitting at the window
                           staring at an eternity you're not sure
                                                 you're a part of

Convergence-it's the blizzards she wrote of so long ago
 that manage to bring down the barricade
 of histories best left forgotten, and the
 waves rise high above, regal in their pause
 as they stare her down with gusts of wind
 there's fire in her eyes,
 ice in her veins, as she turns away
 with all the empathy, and apathy
 the world has to offer, held within
 her broken-stance.
 she's leaving
 with a half-twirl
 and an arm swung outwards
 to the foreboding waves, silently
 asking them to follow-
a difference in milestones-your steps are steady,
thunderous, lightning
crackling in your hands,
impossible to forget
and mine
are quiet, far too gentle
to ever leave behind a mark,
as if questioning if I was
ever there at all-


Newest Deviations

Life(Less)-if you were to turn her into
 a statue, with the lines of
 cosmos running through her hair
 her eyes would be of cinder
 and ash, bottled into glass
 travesties. her hand would be
 forever more, reaching for
 passers-by, trying to whisper
 with cracked-and-chapped lips.
(they would breathe in
 her wishes, smiling
 to themselves, only to turn
 and wish her goodbye)-
UntitledMy so called self preservation instincts are disappearing.
I'm not taking care of myself like I should be doing, and I can't bring myself to care.
I'm... Scared.
I hate it.
I'm terrified of my future, and of all the possibilities that I might fail what I set out to do.
I'm scared that a part of me, that's always been lurking in the back of my mind, doesn't want me to have a future at all.
And the frustration's getting to me. Badly.
I'm not breaking, like I wish I would, because maybe then I could pick up the pieces left behind, rather than being poorly glued together.
I've been attempting to write this for the past two weeks. It's finally done.
I only have one solution.
It requires more patience than I think I'm capable of. Much more strength than I think I'll ever have.
I just need to keep going.
But I'm tired of feeling like a ghost.
Or just feeling in general.

W.I.P Vision+Variance by Entitaria Sense-her hold is slipping, and the warnings
 that she had so carefully handed to her lungs
 have crash landed in a jungle somewhere
 inside what she thought was her body
(but now she thinks it might have been
 her dream-self, warped in reality)
 and falling from her hands
 are the wishing cards written with
 the love of a daring tigress
(not the strange leopard,
 with the eyes of a savage panther,
 that wanders beneath her pale skin)
 and she wonders, restlessly
 trying to remember, if she'd been the
 one to pen in the ink.
 with a sigh, and the closing of her eyes
 she finds herself weightless, no sense
 of grounding freedom in sight, just
 the warm hues of a chocolate coloured
 room, empty in its meaning
 and filled to the brim with
 reminders (unwanted)
 of her disastrously-precious life-


I was incredibly surprised when I received a Daily Deviation for this piece, it still seems all too surreal,
but it couldn't have happened to a better one because it was one of the first in my most personal. :heart:


Apr 15, 2014
3:22 pm
Apr 15, 2014
3:13 pm
Apr 13, 2014
5:02 am
Apr 12, 2014
7:25 pm
Apr 12, 2014
3:01 pm

In a mystical world, you find yourself at a crossroad where all three paths are filled with black smoke, and you can't go back. Each one has something in front of it. You choose the one with: 

13 deviants said The tea cup.
6 deviants said The butterfly.
3 deviants said The spider.


Imanya Alam
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

Imanya Alam
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom


I sincerely hope you've been having a great day so far, before you decided to drop by here,
and if not, I hope it drastically improves! :heart: I'm currently in my second year of university,
studying Psychology. So, every now and then I might just disappear for a few days at a time,
with a lot of activity in between. :P

Ah, and just one little thing: Take off a year from how long dA tells you I've been here,
I didn't do anything with my account for the first year or so. :lol:

I'm terrible with my messages lately,
so when I go through them I'm often left without enough time to drop comments.

If you're wondering why you received a llama, it's probably a thank you for a favourite. :heart:
I don't like the 'watch for watch' or 'favourite for favourite' system, I will only watch someone
or favourite their work if it is genuinely something that struck a chord with me. :love:

I've recently been absolutely amazed by the people who have liked my literature pieces
enough to feature them! If you're one of them, thank you~ :heart:

DLD's; [Definite.] and [Shards]
DD: [Crossroads]

[YouTube Channel]

With all that said,
take care!~ :>

Ridiculously happy for once XD

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Favourite/Most listened to songs recently (Updated: 31/03/14)

Motivational journals by myself & others~

For those who need a little motivation, or general advice about depression. :heart: [Link]

Why weight doesn't define beauty by imaginative-lioness

Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense by Mathew Schuler -shared by saltwaterlungs
( Going through the comments seems to have generated a lot of uh, disagreement, which is actually quite disheartening, because subjectivity concerned or not, it was still a rather sweet article, and if you feel it applies to you, then I see no problem with it :> )


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