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Here are some people you should definitely go check out for both their talent and lovely personalities. :heart:


I'm sure I've forgotten some. :<


                 day, just


 she was given her


 a warm kind of silence
 bottled into

 d  r  e  a  m  -  m  e  m  o  r  y

 which began to c-r/a\c'k
 one year too soon.

 but these wings are
 nowhere to be -----
 and her shattered
 glass memory
 became a dismantled

'i t ' s     b    e  e  n
 t  o    o       l   o      n  g'
As always, what I feel isn't really my best but, thought I'd drop by. You're all lovely, really. :heart:
Maybe a little context is in order. I think this was influenced by a game I played (found by watching a youtuber named Cryaotic) called 'Forest of Drizzling Rain'.

:music: Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Fractal Chill Mix)

One Relatively Final Journal

Sat Aug 16, 2014, 9:41 PM
I've written three drafts for this journal so far. The first one was a neat, categorised one. The second, an emotional train wreck that I couldn't finish. The third is actually two or three others I wrote one or two sentences for. So, I'm keeping things simple.

I'll be on a hiatus. Not sure how long for, but I think it's going be for a relatively long time. It's been building up for a while now. I just need to, drop everything and go away for a while. I hope it's not a problem, though I can't imagine it being a problem for anyone else. :P

If you'd like to know what I would have written in a full length journal, then just, comment, or note me, or something like that. I don't really feel like making it public. (Though, I might take weeks to reply; it's too much of a mess really, and sometimes I feel like it'll be better left unsaid).

Those are likely to be the only things I'll reply to, aside from one or two others.

But, before this journal ends, I want to mention a few people. Just briefly. Because I've always been a nervously awkward wreck and it would take too much out of me emotionally if I were to write to down why. Just know that, if you're here, it means you've either helped me immensely throughout my time here, or you've somehow inspired a change in me, in one way or another, even if it was a long while ago, and just a little thing. I still appreciate them all, and wanted to say; Thank You. :heart:


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White butterfly bullet KronoDelanio White butterfly bullet ThePhantasmKnight

And with some awkward mentionings, I bid you adieu.

Of course, I might check things from time to time. But nothing like before. I'll probably take even longer. :lol:

So. Take care! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and that you're enjoying, or have enjoyed, your holidays! :love:

-she'd lost this fight
 before the battle cries
 of her dream-demons
 were ever heard-
-it was like a promise;
 a wish granted
 at the price
 of a bullet wound
 each, and every year-
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