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Above are a bunch of words I seem to use a lot in my writing. (Among others) v.v

Here are some people you should definitely go check out for both their talent and lovely personalities. :heart:


I'm sure I've forgotten some. :bucktooth:


-and this
 will be the song
 of her requiem

 because she's always
 imagined this flock
 of doves, huddled around
 her feet, slowly forming
 small gusts of wind

 leaving her behind, and
 taking small pure-
 white pieces of her
 phantom diary;
 spreading them across
 an ocean
 she'd never
 see again-
-and she
 doesn't have the words,
 not anymore, not since
 this well of tranquillity
 made its home in her
 lungs; asphyxiation wasn't
 supposed to feel this

(was it?)

 and the water, from
 the scent of these
 books, clung to her
 eyes, like a fragile
 glass wall, waiting
 for the dust,
 or the sand
 to come flying
 through, like the
 hurricane water
 that would soon
DNKL - Wolfhour
Acid Usagi - Listen You Little

Honestly, I went through the stages of making changes within myself quicker than I thought I would, though there are still a few things I want to sort out before I really start spending time with the people here on dA, or any other website, again. But, honestly, it's done wonders, whatever 'it' actually is. I feel a lot stronger. Yeah. That's good. I think. :XD:

Anyhoo, here's another doodle, though me replying is still out of the question since I'm buried with work this year. :saddummy: Hope you're all doing great! :love:

And on a completely random note, can I just say; I am in looooove with the movie 'Interstellar' :la:
-the world won't stop
 turning, won't stop
 these papers flying
 for an unfamiliar
 black-hole. when did
 the earth, turn into
 the palm
 of your hand
-like an engraved
 initial, left behind
 by a ghost
 that was meant
 to be your moon-
Untitled by Entitaria
A wordle made from my 'personal favourites' folder. (To be used as a dA ID) If you managed to see this in your watch messages, it means you're watching my scraps, which is what this was submitted as at first. (You know, to avoid spamming you all with useless things.)
-and she refused
 to be photographed

 instead; retained her ability
 to slip, through this
 water - filtered - mind:

(memories washed clean)

 and the spark of a shadow
 left on the edge
 of this photographic memory-
and somewhere she will fade
I don't know where my "hiatus" is going really. I just, want to share a few of these every now and then. I hope you're all doing well~ :heart:

And thank you so much, for sticking around. :love: I'm a sentimental person. =_='

One Relatively Final Journal

Sat Aug 16, 2014, 9:41 PM
I'll be on hiatus. Not sure how long for, but I think it's going be for a relatively long time. It's been building up for a while now. I just need to, drop everything and go away for a while. I hope it's not a problem, though I can't imagine it being a problem for anyone else.

So. Take care! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and that you're enjoying, or have enjoyed, your holidays! :love:

(Journal has been edited for a reason, those mentioned here are still the same, but should have included a few others, so, thank you, to anyone who has ever come to know me, or supported me~) :iconallmyloveplz:

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I hope you are doing well, dear artist, and have a lovely day! Thank you for gifting me and the whole of the community here with your words! :heart:
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